Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh My Nasty!!!

No. Nothing is gross around here. It's just a simple phrase that used to be in my vocabulary throughout high school (and maybe even sometimes today!) that makes me think of two of my favorite people in the world!!!
I remember a high school youth trip to Spirit Song at King's Island when this phrase was coined and will remain engraved in all of our hearts forever!

This post isn't about gross things, but about love! I love you Buck and Su (and Adam and Luke!) and I am forever grateful that you were placed into my life at one of the most critical times! High school wouldn't have been the same without my Youth Minister and his wife! This past Sunday (Jan 3) marked the last Sunday that Bucky and Susan Walters would see us at Jamestown Christian Church as staff. It was an emotional Sunday but a great one. Looking back at the past 10 years was fun. Everything that Bucky and Susan have done for me and our church has impacted us so much.

Me and Su a couple years ago at a fish fry

One of Buck's infamous shots!

Everyone together for Soup and Game Night 2009

This post isn't meant to be sappy and sad. I just wanted to let everyone know how much Buck and Su have meant to me over the past 10 years! Gateway in Mt. Sterling Kentucky will be so blessed to have them there! Love ya'll!!!!

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