Monday, October 5, 2009

The Latest

Sooo, we went home this past weekend for Jess and Lee's wedding! We were supposed to leave on Friday at 2:15 but ended up leaving around 3:15 (Josh forgot his corn for the deer and we had to turn around about 15 minutes into our drive! (:) so we got home around 8. We got to see Josh's Granny and Emily! She was SO excited to see Josh!! Ethan was there too and he is SO big!!! It's unreal how big he has gotten in like 4 weeks!

Saturday Josh went with his dad and Emily to McDonald's and a farm sale, while I went with Mom to Somerset to find a dress to wear to the wedding and to get some mums! We got some great big ones!!! We're going to make a foughter shock? or shock of foughter or whatever you call it at our house! I hope it works!

Anyways, the wedding was at 5:30 and Jess looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! Her colors were brown and green and white! The church was decorated so awesome and the reception was cool too! It was so pretty and so much fun! It was also good to see some people we hadn't seen in a while!

Sunday was church and then some more time for family! I did NOT want to leave!!! But, we did and got home around 9 last night. We made another "haul" of our stuff (this time it was winter things) down here to Martin and the car was P-A-C-K packed!
I took a "mental health" day today from school! I needed it! I got to sleep till 8:45 and then have been lounging all day. The house is clean and most of the laundry is done...for now anways!

This coming weekend is Dawn and Ben's wedding in BG. Josh is a groomsman so we're going up Friday. I'm so excited! Josh is excited too since it will be the first time he's seen a lot of his friends since our wedding! It will be fun!
Last Thing is a HUGE update!!!!
Our wedding pics are up!!!! Here's how you see them: then click on portfolio and finally on client access
the password is leslieandjosh
Hope you enjoy them!!! We are!!!!!!!!
Until next time....

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