Monday, November 9, 2009


SOOOOOOOO, I think we've neglected our blog JUST a little bit here lately. So sorry, if there's anyone that even reads along with us! :) We have been super busy the entire month of October! The weekend after Jess and Lee's wedding we went back to KY and Josh was in his best friend Ben Tarter's wedding! It was fun, a little hectic, and really cold! But, the wedding turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Here are some pics!

The next weekend was my fall break! We left TN Thursday and got to the big RC that night! Friday night we went with our fabulous friends Daniel and Shaina to LEX for BIG BLUE MADNESS!!! It was so much fun!!!! Since Calipari is getting all the hype this year the night was so exciting! Plus, we got to see John Wall, and the rapper Drake was there! A good night was had by all!!!

And, this same weekend Sis, Cameron, and Kate and Carly were in town for Sis's 10th year HS reunion! The girls are getting SO big and SO hilarious! They learned how to say "B" this weekend when they saw Baxter (who by the way they scream every single time you say his name! Too cute!) and we played outside on Monday when I kept them and Mom was at school. It was so much fun being around them! Sweet girls!

THE NEXT weekend (see, I told ya'll we were busy) we went to LEX for a girl's weekend with all my friends! It was crazy and hectic but so much fun! We made appearances at Keeneland and some fine Kentucky Tailgating and finally went to the game. We played Louisiana Monroe and we won! :) Go CATS!!!

So fun to see all my friends!!

The weekend of Halloween we finally got to spend some time not traveling! It was a great weekend even though I did have to scrub the floors like Cinderella. I would have a pic but my slavedriver wouldn't let me stop long enough! :) haha!!

This past weekend we went back to Kentucky again! :) Friday night we met Darren and Jess in Paducah and went to watch the Lakers-Lone Oak playoff game! It was fun, but we left at half time! (ps they lost. Lone Oak is #2 in the state!) Our traveling continued as we rolled on to Bowling Green for Western's homecoming. This was Josh's "guys weekend" and we had a lot of fun once again! We stayed at Isabelle's (Kelly's Mom) and Kelly unexpectedly came up too! Saturday Mom came up and took me and Josh out to eat breakfast then we did a little shopping at the mall! Tailgating followed, and the day ended up great! It was great once again for both of us to see all of our friends!!!! We miss everyone so much!

So, that's our life the past month in a nutshell! I promise we won't take so long next time to post! (Su, I know I've totally not listened to your advice! I'm sorry I'll do better! :) ha!) I don't think we have anything planned for this coming weekend! But our traveling will start back up pretty soon! So, I'll leave you now with something that if it doesn't make your have something SERIOUSLY wrong with you! Happy Fall!

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